Luxury Motor Yachts for Superyacht Charters

A superyacht charter holiday, should be a once in a lifetime experience.  If you have enjoyed the experience before you will still want every time to feel like the first.  That is what we intend to deliver, every time and take pride in making your dream a reality.  So, we offer the broadest range of yachts available to ensure we can offer you the best available for your holiday. In addition, we will personalise the packaged experience to the finest degree for you.  We extend the reach of our portfolio through strategic relations with all MYBA brokers on the island.  So we can act as one secure point of contact for you.


Luxury motor yacht charters in Mallorca

Crystal clear waters and beautiful landscapes ensure the view from your boat is the best quality postcard you can save to your smart phone, your memory or sketch pad.  To tour the beautiful calas and coves your yacht will come with a tender capable of touring the coast or coming ashore.

The key ingredients to your dream holiday on a luxury superyacht

In order to pull together the perfect experience for you we employ a methodical approach to finding the most complimentary combination of:

  • The Yacht
  • The yacht’s facilities
  • The captain
  • The crew
  • The chef

The Yacht

A holiday on a superyacht is an investment only made by those who prioritise quality of life enough to justify the cost.  Therefore, rightly-so your expectations should be high. Its our job to understand your desires and find just the right vessel for you. Due to the breadth of our partner network, we pride ourselves on having access to the best vessels available in the Balearics at any point in time.  We take a transparent approach comparing the vessels available to your requirements and present the results to you in a way that makes it easy for you to compare.  The key is to understand not the features you are looking for but why.  By understanding your ultimate vision, we can make educated recommendations to deliver the experience you want.  Therefore, our initial consultation with you will be an information gathering and a getting to know you exercise.

The yachts facilities

If you are in need of some pampering for your body or your soul, there’s no experience more rejuvenating or relaxing than a wellness-focused yacht charter.

One of the greatest joys of chartering a superyacht  the constant access to a limitless aquatic playground. Whether it be snorkelling or diving in the spectacular world below the water, or exciting watersports and beach pursuits, a super yacht makes for the perfect platform.

Therefore most superyachts are equipped with a dizzying variety of water toys, ranging from jet-skis and kayaks to water-skis and fishing equipment. When chartering a yacht, there are no requirements to adhere to timetabled activities.  The anchor is dropped and toys brought out when you want them.

If you crave some time ashore, allow a tender to bring you to a championship golf course, boutique-lined avenue or secluded beach.

If you just want to enjoy the boat, relax and enjoy the sun and the views. Enjoy the jets of the deck Jacuzzi or bath in the solarium, or sip some drinks in the cockpit or at the bar.

Below deck, take in a movie in the open-air cinema enjoy pampering in the spa facilities or workout in the gym and enjoy the yacht feeling invigorated.

The captain

Crews vary widely from yacht to yacht, and the captain usually dictates the quality of crew service. We will provide the captain a lengthy profile of your likes and dislikes. For example, are you a family with children? What are your dining preferences or allergies?  What sports and / or activities do you like ?.

The captain’s directive has to be all about the charterers experience, from the best food, wine service and attention to details, to land excursions and tours.  In light of this, the captain, needs a relationship with the boat, the crew and the charter area.

Therefore a good captain has to take pride in their ability to deliver and surprise the client.  They must also know how to adapt the course of the charter and its activities if there are changes in conditions.  A good captain can make instinctive judgements that will tailor the experience to the specific desires of each guest.

We will offer background information as required.  It is worth reviewing the captain’s experience of the area, the yacht and his team.  Additionally customer reviews will give you a personal insight from others.

superyacht charter crew

Good facilities, state-of-the-art audio-visual, communications and water toys, are crucial.  However, none of these guarantee successes without a top-notch crew who deliver an over and above level of service.

Unlike holidays spent in exclusive hotels or resorts, luxury yacht charter offers its passengers the ultimate in privacy and control, as you and your guests will be the only ones to which the crew will attend.

As a rule of thumb, yachts up to 37 metres work best with five to six crew; larger vessels need eight to 10 to operate effectively. A well bonded team will get to know you so well that they could see you in a years’ time and be just as familiar with you and your needs.

So it is worth reviewing the bio, experience and reviews of each crew member.  Additionally it is worth knowing how much experience they have working as a team.  We can offer background information as required.

The Chef

While having a gourmet chef is important, the most important characteristic of a good charter chef is flexibility.  Even if they are Michelin star, they must be equally happy to prepare chateaubriand as they are to prepare hot dogs or from baked Alaska to hot fudge sundaes.  When on holiday, you want what makes you feel good at the time, not what the chef thinks you should like from vogue magazine or based on their own pride.

When it comes to a wellness charter experience, the chef selection is even more vital. Many chefs take a special interest in the ways their cuisine can enrich the guests’ healthful experience, using the latest methods to preserve nutrition and boost your body’s health through food. And of course, being a luxury superyacht charter, the standard of cuisine will be as high as in the best restaurants ashore.

Just like good crew they will get to know you and your tastes so well they can pre-empt, recommend or simply prepare as requested.  So again review the bio and reviews of the chef.  The experience of the chef on a yacht is also a good indicator as preparing food for a charter holiday is not the same as preparing food for isolated meals in a restaurant.  They should prepare food for you as if you were honoured and dearly loved family members.  Again, we will provide full background information on request, so that you can see at a glance the level of required experience they have.

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