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Sailing Yacht Sales in Mallorca

Sailing yacht sales  in mallorca is big business.  There is an increasingly growing range of brokers and dealers in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.  Whether you are looking for new or used boats, we will help you find what you are looking for.

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Sailing Yacht Sales in Mallorca

Sailing yacht sales  in mallorca is big business.  There is an increasingly growing range of brokers and dealers in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.  Whether you are looking for new or used boats, we will help you find what you are looking for.

Why Mallorca Yachts and Property ?

We have relationships all over the island.  As a result, we include some the best in our sailing yacht sales lists.  However, we have access to so many boats we can’t list them all.  If you don’t see what you are looking for complete our enquiry form.

We also offer complimentary services and activities on Mallorca Yachts and Property.  So, can make the experience easy and enjoyable for you.  In addition, we can offer bespoke discounts for additional costs.  For example if you wanted to dock at a shipyard to have some work done on your current boat.  In addition While docked you can view the boat you are interested in.  So, you can do that all through one point of contact and benefit from discounts  on additional costs.

Types of Sailing Yacht

We are talking about yachts from 11m through to 24m in this section.  Of course the options for sailing yachts in this category are endless.  However, ce can very broadly break down the core options in to three.  Classic, Cruiser and Racer.  Of course classics can be cruisers or racers but they are unique in terms of their buying criterion.

Why buy Classic Sailing Yachts ?

Classic yachts are a different breed. It takes time, effort and money just to maintain them, let alone to restore them. So why own a classic yacht?


Classic sailing yachts can be less comfortable They tend to heel more and wont necessarily have as much brightness below deck due to smaller windows.

It is especially relevant to set your expectations before buying a classic yacht.  They can be more expensive to buy and maintain.  In addition they may require more crew to operate them.

Also classic yachts cannot compare to the speed of modern sailing yachts

The Big Reveal

So, one must be crazy to buy a classic yacht right ?  Absolutely correct and that is your buying criterion right there.   The raw experience of a classic build elevates you to the few to have experienced it.  Most of all its not about logic and common sense this is a purchase for the romantic.

Cruiser Sailing Yachts

While racing boats sacrifice almost everything for performance, cruising boats are more of a compromise.

Most of all good handling characteristics are critical to a cruiser sailing yacht. As a result they, they should also have a comfortable, easy motion underway.

Size is especially relevant because the bigger the sailboat the more stable it will be.   So, they should be heavier, narrow-beamed, deep-hulled and have longish overhangs.   While, beamy, flat-bottomed performance cruising sail boats will be less comfortable

So, cruising should be comfortable but not luxury as a good cruiser experience is still hands on.  Also its especially relevant that while gadgets are nice to have, they consume electrical power.   Consequently, they add additional strain on our power generation systems.  While it’s tempting to load up with conveniences and comforts, consider whether you need them.  So, are they just another thing to potentially have to repair and maintain?

Considerations when buying a cruiser are multihull versus monohull and heavy displacement versus light displacement.   In addition do you prefer a centre cockpit or aft cockpit.  Another consideration is sloop versus ketch and then there is tiller or wheel steering.  also what are your preferences regards long keel versus fin keel.  You will almost certainly have more questions for us as you review yachts.

Especially relevant to the ideal cruiser are it should be easily manageable by a small crew.  In addition it should be a comfortable motion underway.  Yet, she should also performance well under sail.  She must be stable and have sufficient internal space for comfortable living aboard.  She should be robust and easy to maintain.  Finally you will probably want her to be affordable to own and operate.

Racing Yachts

First of all opposite to cruiser sailing yachts, racing yachts sacrifice almost everything for performance.  Most of all comfort must be sacrificed in return for speed.  So, to achieve maximum speed, crew have very basic accommodation.  In addition the yacht is bare of unnecessary gadgets.

First of all a racing yacht needs to reduce drag caused by surface area in water.  So the hull needs to be light while also having a deep keel.   Consequently providing balance to support a large sail area. Modern designs tend to have a wide beam and a flat bottom aft.   As a result providing greater buoyancy, preventing excessive heeling and promoting surfing and planing.

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