Sailboat charters in Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza

This section covers sailboat charters in Mallorca, sailboat charters in Menorca, sailboat charters in Ibiza and Formentera.  Mallorca’s crystal clear warm waters deliver the dream sailing experience.  Waters are easily navigable and there are plenty of beautiful calas, coves and beaches to anchor at.  Furthermore, if you want to come ashore, the island is also full of culture and activities.  In addition to all this we have access to the broadest range of sailboats for rent in Mallorca.  So, take a look and when you find what you want contact us.  Alternatively if you don’t find what you want listed complete our enquiry form.  With that information we will probably be able to find exactly what you are looking for.


Sailboat Charters in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of four Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the largest Spanish island. A glorious climate, easily navigable crystal-clear, warm water and warm winds welcome sailers.  Therefore, the conditions are perfect for cruising the coastline.  Occasional sailors can take short hops between beautiful hidden calas.  Tenured sailors will enjoy coastal sailing.

There are nearly 300 beaches around the coast of Mallorca.  Furthermore that only includes those on the map.  So, there are plenty of rocky inlets to explore off of the map.  In addition there are mysterious caves surrounding the island.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the atmosphere of lively beaches.  At the same time you can hop between smaller calas and more exclusive inlets.  So, the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park on the uninhabited island of Cabrera is a sight worth considering.  Cabrera accommodates many species of seabirds. Cabrera also shelters some spectacular underwater meadows.  So, the scuba diving is among the best in the Mediterranean.  This is because there are many species of fish, octopi, turtles.  In addition dolphins can be spotted.

Ashore Mallorca

If you combine renting a boat with holiday accommodation combining land and sea in to your holiday, you can get the best of both worlds. Mallorca’s café culture, the bars and restaurant create a relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere.  Also boutique shops around the towns offer unique products and experiences.  In addition there are many food markets around Mallorca and fish markets in its ports.  Furthermore, Mallorca produces the finest quality wines comparable to the best vineyards around the world.  However, due to the cost of production, the wine is exported in small amounts.  As a result this is a well-kept secret by the locals and connoisseurs.  Almost all vineyards welcome visitors, so they arrange group and private tours and tastings.

Finally, due to being an island Mallorca has many well-kept secrets.  So if you want to explore Mallorca we can often help you plan.  Contact us to discuss itinerary planning for your holiday.  In addition, if your charter is crewed, the captain will know the best spots well.

Sailboat charters in Ibiza and Formentera

Discover the coves on these gorgeous islands with a sailboat charter in Ibiza and Formentera. In addition to its spectacular landscapes. Beautiful crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches are typical in Ibiza.

There are approximately 65 beaches available around the island. So, it isn’t always easy to find an undisturbed anchorage. Of course Ibiza is also well known for its buzzing nightlife.  So it is especially relevant to note that the south side of the island is best for party people. While the north side is calmer and therefore it’s easier to find a quiet anchorage. However, it continuously gets easier as the year goes on.

You can also navigate an unforgettable side trip to Formentera. While, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, Formentera is probably the most beautiful.

Like Mallorca, Ibiza’s waters are easily navigable. In addition more challenging routes can be taken by more experienced sailors. Ibiza is a fairly small island measuring just under 40 km at its widest point. Therefore you are never far from shelter in high winds. Yet while small, this island has many contrasts; unspoilt countryside, bustling beaches and magical locations.

The Sailing Seasons

Ibiza has a twelve-month sailing season with cool winters and warm pleasant summers. April until October are considered to be the best months to sail in. You will probably no problems with tides or currents during this period. In addition, there are mostly weak easterly winds. While peak season is the most popular, September and October offer very pleasant conditions. The water is still warm in and bays and harbours are calmer making it easier to find a berth. In addition, Ibiza has many fantastic locations to anchor. Finally, in winter months the wind becomes stronger and the weather is more changeable.

Sailboat Charters in Menorca

Menorca is the furthest North and second largest Balearic Island at 700 square km.    The mountainous and rural landscape in the North has a rugged, craggy coastline.  In addition it hosts natural harbours and reddish-coloured sand beaches.  The Southern coastline hosts long golden beaches between deep gorges, pine forests and rocky coasts.  Monte Toro in the centre of the island is 357 m in height.   Most noteworthy views can be seen from the summit.

The 285 km long coast line is very diverse and offers a variety of sailing experiences. Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993.  As a result, today almost half of the island’s land area is protected. There are many natural parks in Addaia, Es Grau, Son Bou and Son Saura.  In the south there is also an impressive underwater cave system.

Maó (or Mahon)

The island’s capital Maó (or Mahon) is situated in a huge natural bay. This is the main base for sailboat charters in Menorca.  It is the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean and the second largest in the world.  Also Every day a ferry sails to Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Valencia.  Maó has many attractions such as the Sant Felip Castle at the harbour entrance.  In addition, there is the fortress of La Mola, and the picturesque old town.

On the island there are two safe harbours: Maó in the east and Ciutadella in the west. In addition, there are many bays along the coast where it is possible to anchor.  On the east coast there is the protected cove of Cala D’Addaya.  This is bordered by pine trees and rugged limestone cliffs. Another safe bay is Cala Fornells. In bad weather this is the only refuge from the North side of the island. Menorca is an ideal sailing area for beginners and less experienced yachtees.  Most of all challenging are the manoeuvres in sometimes crowded and confined spaces.  Yet, other than that there are no real navigational challenges.

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