Motor Yacht Charters in Mallorca, the Balearics & around the world

Motor yachts offer comfort, luxury and generally offer lots of space and toys.  So, if you just want to relax in luxury or even party, a motor yacht charter is the way to go.  Additionally, if you want to be able to move quickly when needed without being reliant on a fair wind, Motor yachts will take you easily from port to port.  For more information on planning the perfect motor yacht charter:

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More reasons why to vacation by motor yacht

A motor yacht charter is the most luxurious way to vacation and can be as refined or as laid back as you desire. Flexibility and bespoke experiences are central to yacht charter.  A yacht charter is essentially a floating luxury resort.  However, your resort can be in a different location every day.  No other vacation allows that without compromising on comfort, privacy and security.  Additionally, you need only share your space (and time) with friends and family.  Furthermore, the crew cater only to your specific needs.   This is a customised and personalised experience tailored to you, your friends and family.

Your first yacht charter

Our support is adaptable to your level of experience of chartering yachts.  Your first yacht charter is a really exciting experience. With complete mobility and flexibility, you can take in more of the region than on any other vacation, and of course you can do so in total security, comfort and privacy. What could be better?

However, we understand that planning your first yacht charter can be daunting. You’re bound to have important questions which ensure you get the most from your yacht charter, and it’s important that you receive honest, timely and detailed advice. we will help guide you through your research  in order to ensure we get everything right to make the dream a reality for you.

Seasoned Charterers

If you are a seasoned charterer you will know what you enjoy from previous experiences; so arm us with that information and we will ensure your expectations are met or even exceeded.

Successful planning

Book early

We always advise booking as early as possible, to ensure the best yachts are available when you are.  If booking for peak periods, start planning between six and nine months before your preferred charter date. If you have left it later do not worry, we are experts at securing the best last minute deals and will ensure you can still enjoy an incredible yacht charter!

Consider the best type of yacht for you

This may seem obvious but to make your dream a reality you need to choose the right type of yacht.  There is a large range and variety to choose from, so after consultation we will find the best fitfor you.  For example, do you want to spend time lounging in comfort on the boat taking in the sun and the best views ? if so, maybe a flybridge yacht is best for you.  If you want this experience on a performance yacht, then a sport bridge will work well for you.  Maybe a flybridge is not important to you but you want to enjoy the sun in a performance yacht.  Then maybe an express cruiser is the best fit for you.  Maybe you want performance with shade, in which case a hard-top express will be the best option for you.  We will assess the right yacht for you through consultation.

Finding the best yacht for you

We offer a free consultation where we will take time to qualify what your dream charter yacht would look like.  From that we will create a prioritised wish list which we will use as the criterion to select yachts for your consideration.  We provide a selection that we think match those wishes.  After review be open with your feedback, if we have got it right fantastic but if not do not be afraid to tell us, this is just the first round.

We extend the reach of our portfolio with the largest partner network.  As a result, we have access to all the best yachts in the Balearics.  So there is no need for you to embark on further research yourself.  After each round we will have another brief consultation with you or just take your feedback by email and adjust the criterion we are using to source the best yacht for you.  We will go through as many rounds as needed and create a shortlist for you in order to find the right yacht for you.

Additionally with global partnerships in place with MYBA brokerage houses we can easily source the best charter yachts around the globe as well if needed.


Choosing the right yacht is as much about the crew as it is about the vessel itself. The crew can make or break your first yacht charter! If you have young kids for example, then we know how important it is that the crew are playful and be able to entertain them and to provide them with fun activities such as water sports. Service is also hugely important, and the role of your service team is to look after your every need. If you warm to them and they get you, which the really good ones will, they should always be a step or two ahead of you, and that’s what really makes the experience luxurious. Equally, the chef on-board is an important factor. A menu will be crafted just for your charter, so having a chef capable of preparing your preferred menus.

Review the crew of your preferred yacht

The size of the yacht determines the amount of crew possible and your desires determine the amount of crew needed.  A small crew can provide a fantastic experience if they work well as a team, even if that is just a captain and a stewardess.  The cohesion of the crew members is what makes a charter experience just float along with ease.

The crew need to be able to adapt to changes in conditions and if the you decide you want to change your plan and stop at a location along route, the captain, needs to be able to adapt the charter accordingly.

We can speak to the captain for his personal overview of the team’s strengths and how he leverages them to ensure a water tight ship for you.  Additionally, the captain themselves should have in depth knowledge of the both the yacht and the coastline including areas of natural beauty, restaurants, coves, calas shops and whatever could be of interest.  We can provide crew reviews on request and question the captain at any point for you.

Securing your preferred yacht

Once you’re happy with the yacht that you wish to proceed with, the reality is there will be other people looking at these yachts for the same dates as you, particularly in season.  Yacht owners require payment within a limited timeframe so that they are free to take bookings from other brokers.  So, we need to reserve your preferred yacht as quickly as possible whilst we go through the process of administering the booking contract for you !

Consider your itinerary

Each guest may have different preferences; one guest may prefer sightseeing and visit historic / cultural attractions while another would prefer to spend the whole day cruising or at anchor. There are those for whom it is no problem to anchor out every night and cook for themselves opposed to those that only feel at ease if they can moor up in port every evening and walk off to find a nice restaurant.  If there are a wide range of preferences, some compromises may be needed.  So, get the preferences from all the guests and get recommendations from the captain so the itinerary is planned in advance to cater to all needs.

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