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Yacht Repairs Project management

Ensure correct completion of yacht repairs with project management.  Also yacht repairs project management ensures completion of your project in a timely manner.  As a result this can save you time and money.  Project Management is a core service available throughout the shipyards of Mallorca and is highly recommended.

Yacht Repairs throughout the Shipyards of Mallorca

Supporting your project

We partner with the best yacht repairs specialists throughout the Balearics and act independently.  This means when we understand your requirements we can do the leg work for you and come back to you with a selection of service providers that can meet your requirements along with a selection of quotes.  Once we have filtered it down to a selection that can meet your requirements we can start interviewing them in more depth or even initiate a consultation for you to fully understand their unique value.

Hull Applications and Anti-fouling

  • To reduce the depreciation of the boats value, haul out works are recommended annually.  In addition, hull painting and also maintenance reduces water penetration caused by the build up of fouling.  Consequently hull painting retains performance and also fuel efficiency.
  • Also maintaining hull fittings can avoid corrosion on metal hulls.  In addition it will reduce degradation of plastic hulls caused by exposure to ultra violet light
  • Bottom painting is especially relevant as it will prevent the growth of barnacles and also other evidences of fouling on the bottom of the boat.  In addition anti-fouling paint will reduce the build up of barnacles and also other fouling.  Consequently bottom painting is recommended every year
  • Finally hull stripping once every four to five years is also recommended.  This will remove the thick build up of paint on the hull caused by yearly bottom painting.  This build up can either be dry scraped, a chemical strip can be applied or soda blasting is also effective.

Propeller servicing and maintenance

  • Keeping running gear in good condition will also maintain performance and fuel efficiency

Valve servicing and replacement

  • Valves should be assessed for function and integrity. They can be removed for refurbishment and renewal as required.

Steering system servicing and repairs

  • Steering gear and autopilots for your yacht and
  • Service and repair of hydraulics

Bow thruster servicing and repairs

  • Inspect the seals and oil, and also blades for quality.
  • Service and Repair and also Replace as required
  • Remove malfunctioning thrusters and repair.

Replacement of underwater lights

  • Modernize existing installations and
  • Fit new underwater lights

Keel and rudder repairs

  • Repair damage to underwater areas

Propeller Shaft

  • Shaft seal replacement and repair
  • Thrust bearing replacement and repair

Seacock replacement and repair

  • Ensure the valve is working correctly, either repair or replace

Reparation of damaged top sides

  • cleaned, sanded and primed gelcoat topsides
  • Strip off the gelcoat
  • Fill surface imperfections with a high-build primer

Polishing of top sides

  • Waxing and buffing and polishing to get the finish you want and restore the top sides to their former glory


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Yacht Repairs
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Yacht Repairs

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Yacht Repairs
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Yacht Repairs



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