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Yacht Maintenance – Water systems & marine plumbing

Yacht Maintenance encompasses everything under the umbrella of yacht maintenance and yacht refit.  Working with traditional materials and more modern materials like carbon fibre.  Maintenance and refits of water systems and marine plumbing are also critical to the upkeep of your investment.  So we will just cover the core references below.

  • Air conditioning includes:
    • Seawater strainer.
    • Air filters.
    • Electrics.
    • Pumps.
  • Water Tanks.
  • Plumbing.

Yacht Maintenance services are provided by a wide range of specialists.  We partner with the best around Mallorca and throughout the Balearic Islands.

Yacht Maintenance  – Steel & aluminium works


Aluminium hulls have increased corrosion resistance over steel because they are light and strong. Furthermore they are flexible to work with.  So, you can easily cut, dress and file them. In addition aluminium hulls do not necessarily need painting.  You only need to paint below the waterline.  Also maybe where fixtures and fittings are touching the hull surface.  Bare aluminium forms an aluminium oxide coating on its surface.  So that creates a barrier and prevents the metal from corroding.  Consequently resulting in a huge cost saving through regular yacht maintenance.

Yes, an aluminium hull does not necessarily require complete painting.  However, aluminium is anodic to all other commonly used metals (except zinc and magnesium).  Therefore unless protected, it will start to corrode.  So aluminium hulls require special bottom paint.  This is because the copper in most antifouling bottom paints will react with the aluminium and corrode it.

Also, especially relevant is that being light means it can cause the ship to roll.  Consequently this can make the ride a little uncomfortable.


Steel hulls do require more heavy duty workmanship.  However, steel can make the ride more stable, so it works better for many larger boats.

Because steel is also less prone to electrolysis you can use regular copper bottom antifoul paint.  Steel can be the preferred hull for larger boats due to providing a more comfortable ride.

The jury is out regards which material is better.  However, what we do know is the shipyards in Mallorca have plenty of expertise.  Furthermore and especially relevant is they have the facilities required for the maintenance and refit of either.

Yacht Maintenance – Windlass, winches & deck gear systems

Windlass & Gear Systems

Probably most windlasses found onboard ships these days are driven directly by electric motors.  Alternatively they are driven by pressurised hydraulic oil.  They are built for varying loads with the help of gear and teeth arrangements

The major parts of a windlass are:

  • main shaft and
  • driving shaft and
  • inspection cover and
  • gear and
  • gear frame and
  • drums (one or more) and
  • warping head or couplings and
  • brake band and
  • brake liner assembly and
  • chain wheel and
  • gear wheel and
  • pinion and finally
  • clutch and high speed low speed hydraulic valve blocks.

In conclusion, regular inspection of external and moving parts of gear and shaft is essential.  This is because it enables a ship’s officer to judge the wear and tear of this important machinery.


Winches perform various lifting operations and require wiring systems.  They also require power packs and control systems.

Various winches include:

  • Umbilical Winches and a
  • Towing Winch and a
  • Storage Streamer Winch and a
  • Lead in Winch and
  • Triple Hauling Winches and a
  • Windlass Winch and
  • Double Windlass Winches and a
  • Hydraulic Windlass and also a
  • Windlass Capstan

Mallorca’s shipyards support all and more of these requirements.

Yacht Maintenance – Fuel Tank Cleaning

Yacht maintenance specialists offer fuel cleaning and engine maintenance services.  These eliminate bacteria and water and undesired residues in marine fuel.  A sludgy fuel tank can cause engine problems that even the best fuel filter won’t remove.  So cleaning should be performed regularly as part of your yacht maintenance schedule.  This is especially relevant when the boat has been sat idle for an extended period of time out of season.

Yacht Maintenance – GRP/Carbon Fibre works

Carbon fibre is popular for sports and fishing and also performance boats.  It’s also considered to be space age sexy technology.  It is a composite made from filaments of carbon.  Those filaments are woven in to fabrics.  Finally they are reinforced with resin to create hulls and also decks.

Carbon fiber has a strength-to-weight ratio about twice that of the S-glass used in most boats.  That translates into the same strength as fibreglass while only being half the weight.  Alternatively twice the strength at the same weight.

Carbon fiber is stronger than fiberglass, so it adds extra strength to the equation A material that is stronger also allows builders to use less of it to achieve the original strength.  Consequently lighter material improves performance and therefore improving fuel efficiency.

Finally carbon fibre has a modulus of stiffness about six times that of E-glass.  Consequently, that stiffness results in a hull that doesn’t flex at high speed or warp when it sits on a trailer.


First of all a carbon-fiber hull looks great, as long as the builder uses clear gelcoat.

Something to be aware of is carbon fibre conducts electricity.  That means everything needs to be insulated from the carbon-fiber structure.  So insulation needs to be maintained or even refitted if worn.  That includes special care around through-hull fittings in salt water.  This is because salt water becomes an electrolyte that can lead to damaging corrosion and electrolysis.

Carbon fiber can also reduce a Wi-Fi signal massively.  Therefore electronics should be separated from carbon fiber.  This will eliminate any ground effect that would inhibit signals.

Carbon fiber requires more skill in craftsmanship simply because of its colour.  Carbon fibre is black, so when a laying the crew has to watch more carefully to spot any bubbles as the resin wets out.

So in conclusion carbon fibre is more economical, stiffer and lighter.   In addition it also has a better cruising range for a sports / performance boat.  Furthermore it looks good.  However, skilled yacht maintenance specialists are needed to maintain and refit carbon fibre.

Yacht Maintenance – AC/DC marine electrics & electronics

AC and DC grounding systems are two separate systems, for distinctly different reasons.

The AC ground and grounding systems are “free floating”.  Free Floating means they do not ground on the vessel, but only to shore.  The ground, or neutral, is a current carrying conductor.  Consequently it is the source of many troubles because people do not regard it as such.  The grounding, bond or green wire is the “safety”.  This is intended to channel current safely to ground in the event of a short circuit.  Both of these circuits are capable of conducting current.  So both can be the source of electrolysis due to system faults with the dock or marina wiring.

There is only one point where the DC side is grounded, and that is at the battery.  It, too, is a “free floating” system.  Nothing is ever grounded to any metallic part of the vessel, particularly not the bonding system.  The battery itself provides the negative potential.

The bonding system, also green wire has nothing to do with electrical systems.  Underwater metals are simply wired together.  This is because it will equalize differences in potential of different kinds of metal.  Consequently, nothing should ever be grounded to the bonding system.

Yacht Maintenance – Fridge/freezer & air conditioning systems

Yacht maintenance services required and provided in Mallorca include:

  • Overhauling and refitting existing systems  and
  • Repair & replacement of parts and
  • Designing bespoke installations  and
  • Warranty work, also
  • Problem solving issues big and small

Yacht Maintenance – Anode replacement

Sacrificial anodes are used to prevent or deter corrosion of underwater metals.  Metals such as used for

  • Propellers and
  • Bronze through-hull fittings  and
  • Stainless-steel propeller shafts and
  • Rudderstocks

Each of these metals should be protected by a sacrificial anode.  They should be protected either directly or indirectly through the vessel’s bonding system.

Anodes come in three alloys:

  • Zinc and
  • Aluminium and also
  • Magnesium

In conclusion Yacht Maintenance Mallorca are services we provide through our partner network.  We partner with the best in the shipyards all over Mallorca.


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