Port Esportiu Cala Ratjada

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Port Esportiu Cala Ratjada

Port Esportiu Cala Ratjada is on the northeast coast of the island of Mallorca. There are 130 berths with connections for electricity and water available. Boats up to 10 meters long and 3.5 meters draft can moor here. Further east in the harbor is the “Puerto de Cala Ratjada”. There are 70 berths with many small fishing boats. But there can also create larger boats up to 15 meters long and 3 meters draft. At the moorings there are partial water and electricity connections. To both ports around there are numerous restaurants, bars and some nightclubs. From here there are ferry services to the neighboring island of Menorca.   In the area of the port of Cala Ratjada there are attractive hotel properties in the city and right on the beach, land with planning permission, former manors with sprawling estates, villas and country houses renovated or to renovate apartment complexes for tourist use as well as land for multi-family houses.

Through the port’s history, there has traditionally always been a small nucleus of Fishermen here. Modest port facilities existed up until 1964 when the expansion of the port began with the Construction of a new dam. A shelter dam is the bases of its infrastructure.    It features a spigot Interior and shore docks that share fishing boats with recreational craft. The management part Direct from the port has 85 moorings, of which 14 are for boats of transit. To these figures
We must add the 130 moorings managed by the Club Nautic of Cala Rajada.


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Port Esportiu Cala Ratjada
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Port Esportiu Cala Ratjada

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Port Esportiu Cala Ratjada
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Port Esportiu Cala Ratjada



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 Max. Length  15 Metres
 Max. Draft  4 Metres
 Max. Beam  4.8 Metres
 Number of Moorings  85
 Radio Channel  8 VHF



 Buoys  No Sell Ice Yes
 Showers  Yes  Seamanship  8 am to 6 pm off season 8 am to 9 pm in season
 Ramp  Yes  Fuel Station 9am to 1pm & 4pm to 7pm (Closed on Sunday)
 Gym / Spa  No  Parking  Yes
 Laundry  Yes  Accepts Credit Card  Yes
 Fire Extinguishers Yes  Sea School  No
 Crane 20 Tm Commercial Dock  No
 Meteorological Information  Yes  Toilets  Yes
 Diving Service  Yes  Pool  No
 Medical Services  Yes  Repair  No
 Supermarkets  Yes  Disabled Access  Yes
 Travelift No  Dry Dock  Yes
 Quay Waiting  No  Social Club  No
 Wi – Fi  No  Club Restaurant  No

In order to qualify as having a service:

It is not necessarily the port who is an owner of a Travelift or a crane, but they must at least have access to one.

We consider they have access to supermarkets if they are less than 10 minutes from the port / hospitals and primary care centres if they are less than 15 minutes from the port.

We consider they can offer diving services if they are able to order one.

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