DAHM 120 Superyacht New Build 36m. Sloop – POA€



DAHM 120 Superyacht

Dahm 120 Superyacht New Build Sloop 36m.

Expect the Unexpected is the best way to describe this sailing superyacht new build.  The project DAHM 120  is a collaboration between beiderbeck designs and dahm international.  The “virtual tour” onboard the DAHM 120 Superyacht begins on the fold-out stern platform (made by Opac-mare) right through to the control room.   Especially relevant is the platform can be used as a beach club with its own shower and toilet when the ship is moored.  Furthermore the owner and his partner can accommodate up to eight guests on the four-storey higher main deck.  To the right is a minibar in the stern structure for cocktails, while the scampi sizzles on the grill to your left.  This well thought-out external dining area in the rear quarter of the vessel is far superior to a dining corner.

The Deck

The deck, which is protected on both sides by an elongated structure, is just that spacious.  The crew of up to six have their own access through to their cabins.  In addition a large glass sliding door leads to the salon.  Now the benefits of the DAHM 120 Superyacht’s nine metre beam become blatantly obvious.  Two sofas face each other with a two-seater couch at the head of them.  Consequently lending the setting a warm, chatty or conference-style atmosphere.  Finally the cream coloured cushion pads which have a distinctly comforting effect.


The first-class interior can of course be customised to your liking.  Fully-glazed and obstruction- free window facades grant a full view of the sea from all sides.  A large deck section at the top of the stairs has a similar effect.  This is because it acts as an atrium for the salon below.


Further step-free access via a sliding door on the same level again leads to the front of the ship and the cockpit.  All the controls come together here.  The code zero winches are fully concealed.  However, they do not present any tripping hazards which is especially relevant.  The two steering wheels are situated a good four metres behind the mast.  As a result the yacht can essentially be sailed single-handed with no more than push button functions.  With 20.75 metres to the bow section, the helmsman will feel like he’s only steering a 70 foot yacht.


You can keep an eye on the mainsail trim from the open-air Bimini roof.  The 45 metre-high carbon fibre mast carries 680 m2 of upwind sail area.  This is opposed by a 4.2 metre draught.  Consequently This allows 130 tons of light weight for serious sporting requirements.  Furthermore, this is emphasised by 1,000 m2 Code0 on the steaty stay.  The rig, with its self-tacking furling genoa and carbon fibre furling boom for the main, has a proven track record.  Throughout the design phase, particular importance was attached to simple handling and easy maintenance.

Engineering Room

The engineering room below deck offers either technicians or crew an additional direct access route.  Therefore access from the stern platform as well as to the engine room in front of it.  All the vital functions come together in a separate control room.   Monitored from the control room are:

  • Generators (2x 40 kW) and
  • converters and
  • air conditioning units and
  • water purification and
  • compressors and,finally
  • the 300 kW main engine

Back on Deck

Back on deck there are more separate seating areas next to the helm stations.  Seating areas can be adjusted either leeward or windward when travelling under canvas.  The window panes looking out can be removed.  This depends on how extreme or pleasant the wind and weather is.  Dead astern, the cockpit can be separated from the salon if the crew is driving the boat.  Consequently the owner can have the salon to himself, either with or without his guests.  This high level of discretion makes it suitable for purely private or commercial (charter) use as well.


The strict division between sections is fully taken into account.  First of all there are two 3.4 metre dinghies instead of one large one.  As a result the crew can make supply runs in addition to any land excursions the VIPs make.  Furthermore, these are easier to handle than larger, heavier dinghies.  The tenders are typically stowed in recesses on the foredeck and covered with tarpaulin.

Back Below Deck

Crew Accommodation, Control Room and Laundry Facilities

Going back below-deck, the crew live in the aft section.   Therefore they have their own mess across from the machine control room.   Next to the control room are the on-board laundry facilities.  The three double cabins:

  • Two on the starboard side with a separate shower and bathroom,
  • and one on the port side for the boat captain.  This double berth with its own washroom, provide more than enough room.

In front of these lie the state-of-the-art galley.  A galley with an induction hob and steam oven and also a soft ice cream machine.  Therefore accommodating sophisticated gourmet cooking experiences.  Finally a dumb waiter means dishes can be brought straight up into the salon.


Especially relevant is a lift can be installed midships.  Consequently making the DAHM 120 Superyacht wheelchair-friendly.  In this case, ground-level access to one of the two VIP cabins is also possible.  All four cabins have their own bathrooms with shower cabins.   Shower cabins are 1.1 x 0.8 metres;  unusually generous for a 120 foot yacht.  The other twin guest cabins are another two stair steps down and also separated by a passageway leading to the owner’s realm.

Owners Office

The owner gets a fully-networked office resourced with WLAN and G4-mobile radio and also satellite communications.  In addition the office is separated from the suite in the forecastle.  The king-size double bed is centrally-positioned underneath a tinted skylight.  The seating furniture and extendible flat screen display and also dressing table are fit for any five-star hotel.  Finally, the owner’s bathroom, with its 1.35 metre wide shower is the cherry on the cake.


What is probably most noteworthy  is a cinema on the DAHM 120 Superyacht.   This would be more in place on 50+ metre-long motor yachts.  Therefore and in addition a very unexpected treat here.  The cinema can be found on the starboard side.  This is just opposite the well-lit internal dining room.  The cinema is a concave room with a 65 inch screen.   The screen can play every video format imaginable and also be connected to all the latest gaming consoles. Furthermore the associated Hi-Fi sound system requires very little explanation.  Finally, DAHM 120 Superyacht Cinema-goers can also make themselves comfy by laying down on loungers in front of the screen.

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DAHM 120 Superyacht New Build 36m. Sloop – POA€
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DAHM 120 Superyacht New Build 36m. Sloop – POA€
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DAHM 120 Superyacht New Build 36m. Sloop – POA€
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DAHM 120 Superyacht New Build 36m. Sloop – POA€



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Type of Yacht Sailing Yacht
Naval Architect beiderbeck designs
Interior Designer             beiderbeck designs
Exterior Designer            beiderbeck designs
Model/Series    DAHM 120
Category              Monohull
Classification     Short range MCA
Year       2017


Length overall   36.60 m / 120′1″
Waterline length             32.50 m / 106′8″
Beam    9.00 m / 29′6″
Draught (min)   4.20 m / 13′9″
Displacement 130 t
Ballast type        Bulb
Hull material     Carbon Composite
Superstructure Carbon Composite
Deck material    Teak


Flag Location    
Price      on request



Rig Type               Sloop
Mast/s  Carbon
Mast height from w.l.    45.00 m / 147′8″
Boom/s                Carbon, furling


Main engines power      300 kW / 408 hp
Generator power             40 kW / 54 hp
Generator 2 power         40 kW / 54 hp
Bowthruster type            yes
Sternthruster type          yes


Fuel Tank             10,000 l
Fresh water tank              10,000 l



Sail area 680 m²
Code zero 1000m²


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