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Astilleros de Mallorca

Refit and Repair Shipyard

Astilleros de Mallorca is a refit and repair shipyard for luxury sailing and motor yachts. First of all 1942 saw STP pioneer the construction of a great variety of vessels. Since then, in the early 90´s the island became the centre for Superyachts that run both Caribbean and Mediterranean seasons. Astilleros de Mallorca adapted to the requirements of the up and coming market. As a result Astilleros de Mallorca is Mallorca’s Premier Shipyard.

It is especially relevant that the yards workforce conserves the old artisan´s tradition. While it also constantly keeps an eye on the future.


Metal Works

Internal Department

Metal has always been one of the basic ingredients in the shipyard’s history.  Our craftsmen have preserved the heritage of old traditions.  Yet they have also developed these techniques to forge authentic and unique custom made masterpieces.

Steel and Aluminium Welding

Our team of welders are equally conversant with all types of welding.  Producing high grade finishes in every case meeting with ISO specifications.

Custom Design and Fabrication

Astilleros de Mallorca is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of marine deck equipment.  This includes awnings, staircases, railings, stanchions, vessel access systems as well as swim platforms.

Pipework and Plumbing

Any kind of piping onboard is a serious challenge for both designers and manufacturers alike. We design and fabricate all manner of pipes in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cupronickel.  Using the best materials for the vessel, thus avoiding any of the pitfalls generally associated with pipework.


Interior Carpentry

The love of this craft was born in the very heart of the shipyard. Our skilled craftsmen have a special sense for such a unique and natural material. They are well versed in the widest range of materials, methods and technologies, be it teak, veneers, marquetry or composites; from new build to classic yacht restoration.

Exterior Carpentry

The design and manufacture of exterior woodwork on a yacht is of the utmost importance, consequently our approach to all ondeck carpentry has it’s art firmly ingrained in our historic background. Besides the vast number of deck replacement projects undertaken by our specialised decking team, our carpenters take great pride in the restoration of antique boats and the repair and refurbishing of modern classics.

Mast Shed

The works of building new masts and spars for Hispania, Blue-Bird, Dirdam, Giradilla and other mast repairs, made it necessary to build a mast shed for our shipwrights.


Electrical Works Installation

Innovation in any industry must be followed closely to achieve a correct balance of invention and economy. We are mindful of the gamut of fast developing techniques and materials in the yachting industry and combine both the old and the new in perfect technical harmony.

Electrical Works – Diagnosis

A modern yacht’s advanced electrical systems are notoriously difficult to fault find. Our electrical engineers have microprocessor-based diagnostic tools and techniques at hand to correctly and safely diagnose and sometimes even predict, difficult situations.

Electrical Works – Repair

Naturally not everything is about throwing out the old and bringing in the new, so our repair service is equally important. Wherever possible our electricians will firstly attempt a repair on any system before advising a new installation. Not only does this make economic sense but also maintains a certain aesthetic in more classic yachts.

Surface Treatment


Here at Astilleros de Mallorca we have a number of ways to treat a vessel’s surface, whether it be metal or wood. Initial cleaning of a yacht’s hull for instance can take place on the slipway with a high pressure water washer and further Hydro Blasted if necessary.


The adoption of specific production processes and innovative solutions give us a significant industrial and technological advantage when applying the final touches to your treasured possession.

Painting and Varnishing

The final finish on any yacht is the pride of every owner, consequently we provide every possible amenity to ensure a fault free finish on hulls, superstructures and rigging.


Interior Design

Over the years our design team have worked in conjunction with a number of design firms producing pre-fabricated interiors for shipping to our yard and fitting thereby saving time and money. This process allows our contractors to put into place the many service lines and equipment prior to to the arrival of the interior sections.

Exterior Design

Equally the exterior design process follows a similar path, with the notable exception of utilising our artisans to provide super structures aided by our own capable design team.

Mechanical Engineering

Internal Department

Astilleros de Mallorca stands ready to meet all mechanical repair and conversion requirements of the marine industry.

Shaft Line

All shaft line repairs and inspections are carried out by our mechanical engineering department. Propeller repairs, pitch measurement and balancing of variable and fixed pitch propellers. Clearance measurements of shaft lines, rudders, line boring of stern tubes, shaft brackets and rudder tubes.


Zero speed stabilisers are the most effective way of stabilising your vessel.
Astilleros de Mallorca have now successfully retro fitted more than 10 of these systems over the past few years,

Pumps and Deck Machinery

Fixed fire extinguishing systems installations, water (low pressure or mist) and gas types, sewage treatment systems, bilge water separators and fuel purifiers are all repaired, maintained or installed by us as well as bow and stern thrusters. We have expertise in all centrifuge pumps, screw pumps, piston pumps. In addition to the overhaul and repair our test bench, will ensure the pump is delivering the correct pressure and flow required.


Internal Team

Some of the most demanding applications on a marine vessels are carried out through some sort of piping. Be it hydraulics, sea water, fuel or fresh water. The pressures and possibility of corrosion involved are enormous so the right materials for the job are imperative.

Hydraulic Piping

Modern yachts have increasingly complex and demanding hydraulic applications which need to be inspected and maintained. Our experienced hydraulic engineers can pressure test all hydraulic hoses and conduct sample testing they will remove old hoses replacing existing hard pipe work and flexible hoses as necessary, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. We supply hoses with extra abrasion resistance covers that are resistant to UV which protect hoses further.


In addition to high pressure hydraulic applications, plumbing installations in copper, polypropylene, PVC, stainless steel are all carried out by our specialist fitters, as well as all plastic types as PVC, PE, PP using electrofusion, gluing or press techniques.


Internal Team

The shipyard has a designated area for the dismantling and storage of masts. This also serves as an area to carry out all manner of rig inspection and repair, from ultra sound or x-ray to rewiring, painting and varnishing. The in house rigging contractors are available to carry out all types of work, including the stepping and un-stepping of almost any size of rig.

Stepping and Un-stepping

Protecting one of the most expensive and vital parts of any sailboat needs a special touch, so any rig movement is carried out using two cranes to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Rewiring, Painting and Repair

Temporary paint sheds are set up in the yard to repaint and finish any rigging. Supported by a sanding and filling area with work benches, compressed air supply and extraction these sheds are invaluable in completing work on time and in an environmentally sound area.

Onboard Comfort

Inspection and Cleaning of Air Conditioning

Inspection, maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning and extraction ductwork and filters are essential to ensure a safe and healthy environment. System life and fire prevention are greatly enhanced by regular checks of all onboard air conditioning units. Sterilization and decontamination of ventilation ducting are imperative, especially when travelling in hot humid locations, regular thermostat checks ensure the comfort of your guests. We arrange all types of filter cleaning and exchange too.

Domestic Appliances

Thinking of refitting your galley? We can turn any galley into a first class professional kitchen making the best out of the usually limited space aboard. All domestic appliances needed on board can be repaired, serviced or installed at Astilleros de Mallorca.

Debugging and Rat Free Certification

There is nothing worse than finding out your vessel has some form of infestation, be it rodents or insects.
Not only is health at risk but also economically your reputation will suffer if your vessel is infected. We arrange debugging, decontaminations and rat free certification that will greatly enhance your standing with public health awareness.


Internal Department

Our dedicated purchasing department take care of a myriad of studies to make sure your technology is current when changing or resituating any piece of equipment on board. They will source your spares for the best option, compatibility and price. They also assure that spares which need to be in accord to class societies legislations are correct and indicate those that don’t need it.

Equipment and Tools Supply

The purchasing department work in close contact with our Project Management but are also available for the yacht’s needs; directly and at distance. They follow up the delivery logistic of orders, keeping a data base of the parts and guarantees in case the yacht needs the information in the future. Last but not least, they study the market and new requirements of class societies, for new technologies and laws in order to keep you fully up to date.

Project Managers

Internal Department

Our project managers are first of all multi-lingual advisers and if Spanish isn’t your spoken language you will quickly understand how invaluable this service is. Our project managers are dynamic, flexible and all possess a technical background so they can act as mediators in this exclusive and demanding Super Yacht industry.

Project Managers

Our management team hail from a cross-section of backgrounds, including naval architects and technical experts in naval construction, all with a shrewd understanding of the working of the yacht industry and the pressures which the crew and their vessel have to deal with during the operational season. All this helps to give you the client the support you need to get the job done, on time and to the quality expected of an industry that boasts very high standards. During the daily production meeting, project managers, work shop foremen and contractors involved discuss each vessel, point by point to ensure that everything is running on schedule and highlight issues, before they become a problem.

In Conclusion

While we have premier expertise onsite, you are also welcome to engage your favourite supplier in the project.  The experienced Project Management team will support them.  In addition they will assess all the yacht’s requirements and needs.

Especially relevant is the recent expansion of our facilities into the STP facilities.  As a result increasing the haul-out and working capacities.  The professional Astilleros STP Team is also based in offices 17


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