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These General Terms & Conditions for Independent Web Advice (hereinafter: Terms) regulate mutual rights and obligations.  The products and services regulated by Terms (hereinafter: services) are services listed in the portfolios of various suppliers of services related to or in support of the client’s internet strategy but not limited to services directly related to the internet where relevant (hereinafter: Client) (hereinafter: Charter-Operators), Mallorca Yachts & Property (hereinafter:  Agent) operates as Agency-Mediator for sourcing these services.

These Terms and all stipulations stated in them shall be the subject of legal liability and be binding for the Client who sources services.

By confirming the intention to employ the supplier of the agreed products and / or services (hereinafter:  supplier) or paying the advance payment the Client confirms to agree with Terms.


Your services contract is with the supplier, which is clearly stated in your contract and invoice, not with us. You will be required to sign a copy of this contract so please ensure you read it closely and understand its contents. We shall be pleased to help if explanations are required. Please note that all contracts which mention Mallorca Yachts and Property do so as an agent only and any dispute will be with the supplier.

Confirmation of intent

When you confirm your intent to purchase, we will send you a contract by fax or e-mail. The account details and payment instructions will be sent with the contract.  Your project start date will be secured after arrival of payment in the suppliers account.  An allowance of time will be agreed with the supplier to give the client reasonable time to clear their account.


Once you receive the contract, please sign it and transfer the payment stipulated in your agreement and invoice to our bank account.  You should send a signed copy of the project / purchase (hereinafter:  Purchase) contract back to us along with a copy of the bank receipt.  Client accepts to pay full costs of the bank transfer charges, and when making the payment should emphasize to his/her bank that all bank fees (of both outgoing and incoming bank) should be paid by Client. If Client fails to do so and Mallorca Yachts and Property is charged bank transfer fees, it will be considered that the payment is not fully settled and Client will need to settle the remaining amount.

After the purchase, has been agreed, which will be effective in writing only, the payments are to be completed as per the amounts, dynamics and instructions stated in the Pro-Forma Invoice and any additional documentation which Mallorca Yachts and Property has sent to Client.  The client’s invoice will show the exact payment terms for their purchase.  Please read any payment due dates in the contract and ensure payments reach us in good time for us to transfer the payment to the supplier.  The supplier does not consider the account cleared until the amount is in their bank account.  As such if the payment due date expires the supplier has the right to take other work on during the agreed timeframes without any refunds to the cient.

Additional purchases – Extras

Additional purchases for which an extra payment shall be made (hereinafter: Extras) in accordance with the effective Price List of supplier should be requested by Client and agreed prior to confirmation of intent.

Client may ask for addition of certain Extras even after the confirmation of intent, and Mallorca Yachts and Property will undertake reasonable effort to organize provision of the newly requested Extras to the satisfaction of Client, and will inform the Client if it is possible to upgrade the purchase with the supplier listed in the agreement.  If not possible, Mallorca Yachts and Property will research alternative suppliers for extras. Client acknowledges that Mallorca Yachts and Property is not obliged to provide newly requested Extras at that point in time.

The Price of Purchase

The price for purchase shall include everything included in the contract which could include additional fees for the supplier’s service such as administrative fees or additional hours / staff required to complete the purchase in the time required by the client.  Purchase price should not be assumed to include additional post-sales support services unless agreed to by the supplier.  Purchase price includes VAT / IVA valid at the time client confirms intent to purchase.  However, should the relevant VAT / IVA rate be increased by law prior to payment, Mallorca Yachts and Property reserves the right to charge the VAT / IVA difference.

In uncommon cases where Mallorca Yachts and Property has high processing costs, a small part of this cost may be charged to the Client as Operative Costs.  In such cases, this Operative Cost will be separately stated and visible on the Pro-forma invoice.


Cancellation terms vary with the supplier and should be clarified in the supplier contract. Our normal agency fee will be retained from any refunds which may be forthcoming under the terms of the supplier contract.

Staff substitution

All suppliers reserve the right to substitute a replacement project manager or any other team member employed to client’s contract if that member of staff becomes unavailable through end of employment, illness or any other event out of the suppliers control.  If an equally qualified project manager or member of staff cannot be employed, a full refund of all monies paid for the purchase will be made.

Changes to Terms

Please note, Mallorca Yachts and Propertya reserves the rights to make changes to these terms.  It is the responsibility of the parties engaging in to any subsequent contracts to familiarise themselves with the latest Terms & Conditions prior to any agreement

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